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Going Camping Soon!!!

January 29, 2010

Welcome to Camping With Jack, a blog about a Dad who is trying to remember what his father taught him about camping so many decades ago.  This site is dedicated to my father “Jack Sr.” who took me camping as a kid and of course to my daughters Ashley, Chase & Sasha.

In the future, we will be posting pictures and videos of our camping adventures.  In the “Gear” area, I will be posting reviews of camping gear we have taken with us. In the Review are we will discuss fishing holes and Camping locations we have visited.

The “Camping & Fishing Holes” tab will document some of the locations we have visited and the experience we had there.  We live in a location that has a significant number of overnight camp grounds and RV parks.  As such, we will be including a number of locations in the area.  We have sea, river and stream fishing locally, so expect some interesting fish stories and camp cooking recipes.

To start, we will be visiting your basic overnight camping locations, and reviewing their facilities, amenities and fishing holes.  In the future, we will go camping in a Rent a Dent RV and document some of the RV parks and National Parks locations.

However, for now, this blog will focus on our camping adventures as they happen. So, if your into King  Salmon, Trout or Steelhead fishing, or living in a tent for a weekend near the beach, enjoy. I will be sharing my lessons I learn while I figure out the roll of being Dad while teaching my girls how to camp.

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  1. Steve Sperry permalink
    January 30, 2010 1:52 am

    I want that job!

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