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Almost Ready

January 30, 2010

Since the early December online shopping period, I have been patiently waiting to go camping.  We live on the coast, and the weather is usually warm enough for camping year around.  Having said that, we have had the coldest local temps in 35+ years this winter.  We have had non stop wind gusts lately with the peak gust 95 MPH at the camp ground we think of as our home camp and daily rain measured in the inches.

So, while we wait for the weather to decide to warm up and dry up, we have been restocking our camping gear.  We will be starting off this season with brand new gear all around.  New Tents, New Bags, New Stoves, New fishing gear.  Its time to spend some cash on re-outfitting our family.  Most of my gear is from the mid 90’s when I was a US Forest Service Firefighter and I lived in a tent for a few months each summer.

Today, I am now in my early 40’s and to be honest with you, I have no desire to live for months at a time in a tent.  However, I now miss going camping again, so maybe that era is finally out of my system and I can enjoy the weekend trips again.  So with that, as the idea, I have started the process of replacing everything.  I am also outfitting a camp that will include at least 3 women, possible more.

So realizing that, I have accepted this wont be your typical male hardship camp site.  We will be bringing with us all kinds of amenity that realistically I would never brought with me before.  For context, cell phones were just becoming common the last time I seriously was camping.

The good news, is I can order anything I need for a camping trip online, and since I work from home, my wife does not have a clue how much crap I have ordered.  My downstairs office has access to our basement storage area, which is a great place to put stuff out of site.  Just don’t tell her where I am hiding this stuff… lol

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