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Pondering the Guided Game

February 2, 2010

I live in an area where sportsmen travel thousands of miles to visit, to fish for trophy King Salmons, or our Winter Steelhead fish.  The mighty Rogue River is world famous because it is both one of the largest and healthiest rivers in the Pacific coast.  Locally, the fish guides make as much as $500 per day, to provide fishing services to our visiting sportsmen.

In fact, during our prime season, you can fish for a trophy Chinook and find your line fouled with a Coho or early Steelhead.  If you have limited out early, and the ocean is calm enough to cross the bar, some of the best best bottom fishing is available just off shore in the Gold Beach Reef.  Linkcod, Snapper, or even Albacore Tuna at times.

After a few days of this, you would think our are had used up its list of trophy specimans to catch, but in reality, there is the rest of the land area, which happens to be over ran with herds of trophy elk.  Herds of the critters.  This last fall, a local hunter shot a black bear on the edge of town.  It was bear season he got his while leaving town.  I am not even talking about the deer, because around here, they are like flees on a dog.  Pretty common sight.

I am not being sarcastic here, for example, there is a herd that lives in town and walks back and forth cross highway 101 near the stop lights.  It appears they are going from a park in town, to an area where they can get water in a different part of town.  Locally, I have a small herd living in the trees next to my house.  There used to be a herd of elk that grazed next door, until a house was built there.

So basically, it dawns on me, that I am living in a sportsmans dream.  Hunting or Fishing available 52 weeks a year… Plus crabbing from dry land, for some of the sweetest crabs on the planet.  It almost makes you want to find a nice small niche of one of the major creeks or bends in the Rogue, and open a Hunting & Fishing Lodge.

Everyday, your doing something with mother nature, and you doing it with people who are paying you seriously good money, to join you for that day.  What they consider a highlight of their life, is just a day in our local pardise. So, is it something to do? or said another way, should the perfect location be ruined by becoming a job?

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