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Yurts in the Woods

February 4, 2010

I am slowly growing used to the idea of Yurts.  I don’t know why I fight the concept so much, when I have no issue spending months of my life inside of a 7×7 dome tent, when I was a firefighter, but I have.  So, where we live now, Yurts are a viable way to live or even work.  My wife has a friend who works out of a personal office setup inside of a Yurt.

Locally, they are rented in the same context of cabins, or motel rooms.  In fact, one enterprising land lord, is renting Yurts to people to live in on the coast full time.  As their home.  So, I guess I will have to get used to canvas tent structures being viable solution to living in the local wilderness.

This is all prelude to a business opportunity I am researching locally.  The single best solution for the project appears to be a small camp made up of yurts.  It gives us the ability to move camp around if necessary, so while the project still has fixed costs, those costs are not fixed to one location.

What we like about the solution is that since we have access to a significant number of wilderness acres for our exclusive hunting  & fishing business, we wont always want to have camp in the same place.  A group of say 10 yurts, allows us to spread out camp in a location where there is no signs of man kind.  We can use battery power to run LED lighting, giving camp a wilderness feel, while still having modern lighting.

I like the idea, from the point of view, we can launch the project before our camp is built.  Ie we can start to market the guided services we provide, and build the basic camp this summer in a quick period of time.  A camp made up of log cabins would take a significant lead time before they are ready for living in.

So, what say ye, would you be put off by a hunting guide that used yurts in the woods for camp?

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