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Endless Rain

February 5, 2010

Well the biblical rains are here.  Yes I realize that the Oregon Coast gets 80+inches of rain per year, and that you basically have to live in places like Hawaii to get more rain then that in the US.  Yes I am sure there are a few locations that manage to be drowned in more natural sky falling, but at 80+ inches average per year, this area is honestly wet.

Normally I don’t mind, as we get bursts of amazing sunny weather in the middle of winter periods.  Last year had a couple of weeks of a weather inversion where it was in the 70’s while 50 miles away it was below freezing for a couple of weeks.  Not happening this year.

I say this as we had measurable rain in 27 out of 31 days in January, and so far all of February, at least at my place. I say this, the largest El Nino in 12 years or so has its way with the near term weather patterns.

Our winter temps allow year around camping if you don’t count wind or rain storms.  We don’t get snow storms here.  Its more like Miami then most other places in that regard.  We have snow in the hills above harbor, but in town at sea level, snow is a frozen mist that melts.

Our winter weather is amazingly calm from a temp swing point of view.  We are basically 45-55 all winter long. It is up to the storm patterns, and the cycle of rain vs storms vs sunny days…

Well, normal is out the window… The El Nino here, which means we have steady rain for weeks to months while the rest of the US is stuck in snow. I am unable to take my daughters camping when we have 65 mph gusts at our tent camp about 10 miles from home. They are still grinding up stumps and fallen logs from the last burst of 70+ mph winds that hit camp.

I guess it could be worse.  I could be stuck in DC with a blow hard in charge of my visit.

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