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Let there be LED vs Xeon LIGHT…

February 6, 2010

Its been years since I bought a new flashlight.  During this time, there has been a revolution in flash light technology.  So, with that as the mandate, I have started to order a series of different lights, to start a long term review on.  I picked up a fair number of the small cheap multi LED to test.

These are all cheap to inexpensive.  Once I have a base line for this level of quality, I will purchase some of the new technology high end combat flashlights. So for now, the new flashlights are as follows

1)  9 led mini flashlight powered by 3xAAA

2) 8 LED + 1 Laser mini flashlight powered by 3xAAA

3) 95 LED metal full size Flashlight powered by 3xD

4) 10 Million candle Kawasaki mega flashlight

The Kawasaki 10 million candle power flashlight is a bit of over kill, however, it was reasonably priced, so it will provide a great base line of dollars for brightness, when I get around to comparing the top of the line flashlights later.

I was experimenting last night with the flashlights.  The 95 LED provides a great spot light anywhere in the backyard, from my bedroom deck area.  However, its nothing compared to the 10MM light, which was basically “Noon” anywhere it was aimed.  It is a truly amazing amount of light being projected in one place.  I would have to say, that its a real weapon, at night, if used unexpectedly. It is using an 80 watt halogen bulb.

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