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The Gear Is Here!!! let the weather improve.

February 11, 2010

“Well all the major and minor gear I ordered for this season’s version of camping with city rednecks in the woods has arrived: I realize now that as soon as we leave for camp I will be screaming at myself for all of the shit I managed to leave behind. I have no doubt my iPhone — while not able to access service at camp — will in fact be recording all of my failed attempts to remember the necessary.”

The new Nikon camera and VHF radios have arrived, and I had a friend make a run to pick up a spotting scope and tripod from a store with a lost leader sale, so I can switch over the new camera and record some family fishing memories in HD.  This is going to be fun.  We have a lot of new equipment, and a desire to use it.

The girls have been testing out our new tents and sleeping bags, via indoor camping in our basement last weekend.  If chase was not sick, I am pretty sure that her and Sasha would be living in the tent, in front of the game TV.

I need to update the list of products we ware reviewing, however I have been waiting until the new Nikon had arrived, and it could be used to document the new equipment.  So, my posting should increasing going forward, as I update the inventory of new hardware toys.

I am so salivating at the chance to move into the tents, and fire up the camp stove, and cook up some trout the girls caught before breakfast…yes, I said cook up some trout.  I never said I would eat it… Shesh…

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