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The Fleet is in the Harbor, for now.

February 12, 2010

Oregon coast has one of the most unusual ports in the world.  The port is one of about 8 in the world which does not have harbor.  A series of cranes lift the boats out of the water, and place them on rolling carts, where they are parked in rows.  The majority of these boats are local Dungarees crab fisherman.  The local crab season starts on Dec 1st, after the fall molt season happens.  The current crab season is one of the best in decades, as the ocean has gone through a cycle of bad years lately.  What ever the real cause is, locals dont mind.  We have world class sea food available year around.  Salmon, Steelhead, Cod, Snapper, Crabs, Abalone and Albacore tuna to name just a few of the seasonal catches.

Each year, as Winter changes into Spring, the wild coast of Oregon continues to show why its one of the most beautiful but dangerous coasts in the World.  The wind blows in off of the Pacific ocean, waves which have not ran into anything since Japan thousand miles away, start to batter the local coast line with a force few people realize.  Wind gusts of 75mph are common, with storms that regularly have gusts that are over 100 mph.  In the picture below, the wreckage of the cottoneva.  A steam schooner, which ran ashore at Port Orford in 1937 during a wind storm with 75 mph gusts.  All that remains now of the wreckage is the propeller. The coast line between Port Orford and Bandon has had hundreds of wrecks in the last few hundred years.

One of the interesting features about Port Orford, besides that there is no Harbor, is that you can drive out onto the docks, and purchase live crab just off the boats for almost nothing.  We regularly have Surf & Turf BBQ’s, with live crab tossed into the boiler, and Beef Ribs slow cooked all day.

Port Orford is the location where SF gets its crabs for fisherman’s wharf.  The crabs are caught, processed, and shipped out of here alive, in 18 wheelers during season.  Its the type of place where you don’t realize just how special it is, until you sit down and try to figure out another location with as many unique features to enjoy.

If you are an outdoors type person, you might want to consider some of the camping, stream fly fishing, river boat fishing, ocean bottom fishing that is available, and we haven’t even started in on the game available hunt locally, like Bear, Cougar, Elk, Deer, Turkey, to name a few.

So the next time you feel like the city life is impacting your experience with mother nature, consider visiting the Oregon Wild Coast, where nature is on display every day, and you have no idea what tomorrow holds for weather.

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  1. Steve Sperry permalink
    February 13, 2010 7:16 am

    Very impressive… I like the contrast of color on the picture of the boats. Glad to see the girls having a field day as well, nice shots. Lucky you!


  2. February 13, 2010 7:22 am

    Thank you.

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