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Tsunami History in the Area

February 14, 2010

The area of land just south of Brookings, known as Smith River, is the Easter Lilly Capital of the world.  The locals say that they grow 90% of the Easter Lilly grown and given away during Easter.  All I know is that the fields locally turn this amazing color of green early in the new year. While the trees are still asleep, or barely in the process of budding, the warmer temps of spring, mixed with endless rain, and bursts of bright sun light, leads to an explosion of colors.

We made a run to “South of the Border”, which in our case means we drove to Cali, from Oregon.  For some reason that escapes everyone who lives in Oregon, booze is about 50-75% cheaper in Cali than it is in Oregon.  So when you cross the border, there is usually a cheap discount booze store waiting to greet you once you are in California.

We were in California to pick up the ingredients to brew up some home brew.  It seems that most of our friends in Gold Beach are wanna be brewers.  Elle is the only on in the group who has brewed beer, so after many conversations about “Someday”, we decided to find some supplies and get busy this weekend making beer.

The nearest brew supply place that we can find on the Internet is only about 1 hours drive from our place.  Which is basically in our back yard, the way locals have to make plans to buy supplies when you live in one of the most rural places in America.   Our local town does not have a drive through fast food location, for context.  We don’t have a WallyWorld, or Home Depot, or Fast Food.

What we do have is mother nature in all its forms here.  The lighthouse in the picture next to this comment is at the mouth of the Crescent City Harbor is known as Battery Point.  In 1855, the ship America caught fire and burned in Crescent City Harbor.  Three cannons were salvaged, and mounted to a small island in the harbor where they were used for July 4th Celebrations until they disappeared.

The lighthouse was constructed and started operation in 1856.  It has seen its forth order Fresnel lenses replaced with automated equipment in 1953.  It survived the largest Tsunami to hit the US lower 48 shore line in 1964, when the largest earthquake in North American modern history stuck Alaska.  The 9.2 earthquake sent a series of waves racing to the coast line.  A total of 11 people were killed, 21 boats were destroyed in harbor, and 91 homes were damaged in Crescent City from the  tsunami.

Ironically, non one was hurt and no damage was done to the lighthouse itself.  Today, it exists as a private navigation aid, and is owned and operated as a museum.

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