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Moments in Time

February 15, 2010

My youngest daughters are still young enough to treasure the small moments with.  They exist in their own world, and it appears that it is our job to figure out what that means at times.

While you will normally see pictures of my youngest daughters, I am also the proud father of an older daughter.

Ashley, has been the child every parent has always wanted.  Easy to raise, friendly to be around, out going and honest.  She has consistently made me proud of being her father.

While every parent has those moments with their children, I can say that Ashley and I have had fewer moments like that, then a parent would expect.  I am proud to call her my daughter.

Life has its interesting moments at times, I know that I have made my mistakes in life,  I also know that life can give a you second chance, if your lucky to say your sorry, or that you love someone.

I was talking to Ashley tonight.  She is currently taking college classes that end Friday Night, and start Sunday afternoon this quarter, and she was trying to figure out how to drive 8 hours to visit me and her sisters.

Its been awhile since she was home to visit, and we have not exchanged Xmas gifts yet.  Life has its own schedule, and sometimes we have to learn patience, something I have never been good at.

In life, I have to work on patience.  I have always wanted to do everything at once, yesterday, if possible it seems.  So, learning to how to talk to my now adult daughter has been a bit of a struggle for us both.

We grew up together, at one level.  That is, we both were kids when she was born and she and her dad had to learn what those rolls meant.  We have never fought, but at the same time time we have not delt with serious disagreements between each other until lately.

While the topic of disagreement was never quantified, I would say it had more to do with the fact she was now an adult, and struggling for her own new voice, as we were distantly located.  Giving rise to a period of time, where Dad and Daughter didn’t talk or communicate enough to make the transition easier then it was for her to reach adult hood.

I look forward to showing her our new home on the coast, and hopefully, this summer I can teach her how to go deep sea fishing.  Who knows, maybe my daughter will break the Barnes Curse, and kill some fish, unlike her dad.

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  1. Steve Sperry permalink
    February 15, 2010 5:22 pm


    Yes… you are a very fortunate person to have such a treasure in you life. I am proud of your honesty and your appreciation! You just scored huge points with your big brother.


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