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Brewing Beer

February 17, 2010

Brewing beer is part art, and part science.  Lately our friends have all been commenting on how they want to brew some beer.  It appears to be a common topic on a lot of local peoples minds lately.  A long grey winter will do that.  For some reason, each winter, there is an event or two that catch the locals attention.

Beer is becoming one of those winter topics.  So, after a multi year spell, Elle and dug out the equipment, and invited some friends over for a day of brewing.  We currently have a Martzen with a heavy chocolate malt flavor fermenting.

The idea is we will brew a different beer per weekend, staging them based on the time needed to ferment, so that we have 2-3 home brew beers on tap at our next crab feed.  Each batch is about 5 gallons of beer.  We have the dark beer brewing now.  It will have a longer ferment period then our Oktoberfest brew, or our pale ale to be brewed in a couple of weeks.

We are going to use the 5 gal keg system, which allows us to easily switch in and out batches of beer.  I might even convert my spare fridge in the garage, into a multi tap semi mobile keg system.  We have been talking about starting a CO-OP Brewing association, with its own “Pub”.

The current working name is “Old School Brewing”, as we might be able to rent a couple of spare class rooms in an old abandoned public school a mile from my house.  The property has many things going for it.  A few of them are as follows…

Nearest public business is 10- 15 miles a way, in either direction. There is no place to buy any food or beer for 30 miles of freeway.  This place is smack in the middle of that stretch. The property is just off of 101, visible and has its own exit at a bridge.  It is only a short walking distance to a beautiful empty sandy beach.

The property gives a great location, to provide basic services to the Oregon Coast Bike riders, who are otherwise known as Urban Deer around here.  They spend the months of February through November riding the coast line.  The peak riding season is April through October with dozens to hundreds of riders per day heading south each day.

We have considered the idea of stocking basic bike supplies, while offering micro brew beers from the local brewery’s in the region, along with our own beers.    Some hot food, and some WIFI.  A very micro brewery on the beach basically.

More to follow on this topic, as it develops.

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