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February 23, 2010

This collection of features, is a photo unfinished.  In the coming months, I am sure that you may see other versions of it, as I get access to other lenses and lightings.  The Gold Beach Reef is visible off shore.  It has some of the most amazing fishing, I am told.  I have yet to pay a guide to take me off shore, but once the guides return for the salmon season, I am will make sure I get a chance to limit out on the available Rock Fish.  I am told you can sink a boat  with the quality of the fishing out there. It is a sea lion reserve of some sort.

Speaking of sea lions, Gold Beach is the only city on the coast that has a Sea Lion abatement program.  Basically, that means we pay a guy to float round all day, and fire shotgun shells that explode like an M80 at seals, and sea lions.  For their protection.  I love that.  We actually shoot giant firecrackers at Sea Lions, for their protections.  Someday, when I have some pictures of it in process, with the sound included, I will post another article on this topic.

In the future, at times, the pictures that I include with an article may change days after the story was written.  There is a reason for this, and I want to address it now.  Sometimes, when I am writing, I need to get the words down first.  That is, the topic I am writing about has decided now is the time to be put to paper, it was.  Today, it needed to be posted. In  E terms.

So when I am writing something, I need to block out the layout of what I see in my head.  So, what I do is plug in some filler photos, if I don’t have anything to represent the topic under discussion.  The process to get those photos, may include a need for a weather change, before I can get to it.  So, don’t be surprised if you happen to scan the page, and what appears to be new photos are included in it.

This row of houses have some of the most amazing views in our area.  The collection of homes, are individually appealing, and collectively work, to form a neighborhood called Wedderburn.  It is just north of Gold Beach, and is part of the Urban Growth boundary’s for Gold Beach.  It does receive some services from gold beach, while managing to not be part of the city itself.  Which causes some issues locally, as city citizens pay about 3X more in local taxes, compared to this neighborhood, while they receive basically the same water, fire and unofficially police response.

There is a jetty to the south of these homes, where you can walk out and toss a crab pot, and almost year around expect to catch dinner in a matter of minutes with some scrap meat.

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