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Sasha gets her first Rainbow Trout.

March 1, 2010

I finally broke down, and bought a fishing license, now that weather is starting to offer sunny days randomly now.  I decided to bite the bullet, and buy my first real Steelhead ~ Salmon rod and reel.  Gulp.  No excuses now.

After getting instructions on how to setup my tackle, with a hand draw picture to keep me company, Dave and I drove up south shore of the Rogue to Huntley Park.  News at the tackle shop, was of biting Steelheads.  I peeled the sticker price off my new rod, and tied up my first setup.  I even get a cast off, before I foul up my new reel.  I spend the next 10 minutes untangling it before I get my third cast attempt under way.

A fisherman 2 trucks down on the gravel bar, that we are fishing, pulls in a nice Steelhead, and heads back to his truck to deal with it.  I start grinning, the bait shack knew where to go, I had their equiptment and now the guys next to us are reeling in Big Bad Steelheads.  This is getting fun.

About this time, I realize my choice of wearing shorts to the river was probably overly optimistic, as a cold wind blew up the canyon, and I realize that Dave and I, are the only people manning their poles.  Everyone else has staged their rods, into river holders, and are now sitting in their cabs, nice and warm, listing to something on the radio, while sipping something warm.

Hmmm. Maybe its time to check out the inside of Daves SUV, and get out of the wind.  Once there, I give up fighing my tackle, as I have spent 45 of the 60 minutes at the river bank, retooling my line, as it appears I need to learn how to cast a line again.  Grants, this is the heaviest tackle I have ever used, and I have ounces of lead on the line.

While staring out at the might rogue river, I realize, that we still have enough time to grab the girls, and go out to Arizona Beach, where the ODFW stocks a pond that only kids can fish.  I also had intel, that some trophy trouts were stocked 4 days ago.

We grab the girls, and Elle joins in.  At the Pond, its clear that parents are there to help the little ones fish, and with that in mind, we get Chase and Sasha holding their rods and reels.  The local RV host manager of the State Park pond we are visiting drops by to give us some suggestions on how and where to fish the pond.

Taking his words as gold, we circled to the other side of the pond, and Mom and Chase pair up.  Sasha and I, appear to have the same fishermans luck, today, as Chasers almost instantly has a real bit.  Her rod is bouncing around and she is screaming with excitement.  Only, she didnt set the hook, and the fish got away.

Meanwhile, Sasha and I are not having any luck yet.  In the course of changing out bait, for both girls, a switch happens, and Mom and Sasha head over to a point that Mom decided she liked.  With in seconds, Sasha has a Fish on.  Her pole is bouncing and she is about as excited as a girl could get.

So, Chase decides to head to bathroom.  In route she gets stuck in mud and then slips and falls to her knees in water.  End results, Chasers is now dripping wet, and doesnt have a fish like Sasha has.

Thinking quick on my feet, I promise chase if the weather is nice, we will go to the pond, tomorrow after school, and she can get in some fishing…

To Be Continued…

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