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Ocean 1 Stupid Fisherman 0

March 11, 2010

Last Friday, my wife took a day off, and we picked up some fishing gear to try our hands at ocean casting.  This version of fishing goes something like this.  You take some heavy gear, add a weight to the end with a swivel.   From the primary line, to the weighted swivel, is a series of swivels with leaders to hooks.  A total of 6-8 hooks are baited with a sand worm or in our case a replica of a sand worm.

You wait until the waves have broken, and then you rush out into the surf up to your ankles or so, huck and chuck the line as far into the on coming waves, and then run like hell for shore, letting your line play out.  After two or three waves have dragged your line out to sea, you set it and then wait.

Well, that is the idea.  Execution is a completely different event.  What happens is that the waves come in quicker then you can caste and retreat.  So you end up soaked, even if your fast, and your pants are rolled up.  Additional, lots of things can go wrong, with this idea.  In most cases, no matter what I did, the ocean would take my line and it would move horizonally, to my location, before it was dumped at a high water mark, farther ashore then where I ended up stopping at.

Or my favorite fail point… a sneaker wave comes in, and hammers you before you can get out of the way.  Net result, you are standing in freezing surf soaked to your hips, frozen to the core with your line buried in sand somewhere out of the surf. We tried a few different approaches, with no success.

My guess, is that there are easier ways to fish for ocean critters… like from a boat.

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