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Hi, my name is Jack.  Jack Jr actually.  I was born in south western Oregon on the Umpqua river.  I grew up on a farm situated on 18 acres.  The farm was in the middle of a ranch that was measured in thousands of acres.  Our nearest neighbor was over 1 mile away.  The nearest town of 125 people was over 6 miles away.

I moved out of my parents house for the first time at the age of 7 when I setup a tent behind one of the barns.  I spent the next three months under the watchful eye of my German Shepard bodyguard, improving that homestead with camping gear I snagged of my dads boxes in the garage.  This was back in the early 1970’s.

As a youth, I had the rare chance to live overseas from my parents for one year.  I spent my year in West Germany during the peak of the cold war. I had the chance to travel around not only the western part of Europe, but also over the wall, back when it still stood.  The beauty of some of the old grand palaces and even brewerys was amazing.  Yes I said Brewerys.  If women can go to church and worship, why cant men talk about moving moments they had at a brewery? Seriously…

Today, I have two daughters about the age I was when I moved out of the house and into the tent with my dog for the first time.  I am currently taking a sabbatical from the crazy world we live in, and have decided to focus on teaching my daughters how to camp.  We have moved from a city of with over a million plus people to a county that only has 25,000 people in 1800 square miles of wilderness.

While my daughters learn to adjust from Urban to Rural, I have been buying up camping gear to start our adventures with this spring.  This blog is about our adventures acclimating to living in a place other people travel long distances to visit.  We have some of the worlds best fishing locally, so this blog could have been titled “Fishing With Jack”.

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