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Its been a while since I went camping, so after some deep thinking… think beer drinking… I decided to buy all new gear.  A clean break from the old patched up gear I still had collecting dust in the garage.  So after some more drinking, I mean thinking, I started to go shopping at Amazon.  In the days and weeks since this event, I have become well acquainted with the local UPS driver.

The idea behind the reviews below is that we will be putting them into long term review.  That is, I will update these pages, and time stamp the date, with comments about the equipment after its had a chance to be used a few times.  The review pages will be a current status report, and subject to change.

Lets be honest, if a piece of equipment performs great initially, shows every sign of being indestructible, and then shatters some how, I have to be able to go back and say… Whooo here.

In the pages below this one, I will be reviewing the gear, plus anything else that arrives after I do some more thinking.

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