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There are all kinds of back packs available to help you with your camping experience.  Some packs are designed for the day hiker, others for the long duration camping or exploration trips.  We will be reviewing a number of different packs, both for adults and children.

There is nothing more important then a well fitted pack.  I learned this lesson the hard way, when I was a Rookie firefighter.  They didn’t help the newbies at the beginning of season for a reason.  You need to figure out in a a matter of days or weeks, if your coworker was someone prepared to do this job.  If they weren’t prepared, were they able to quickly learn what equipment they needed to do the job.

I say this, because I started on my first fire with a standard issue yellow fire pack of horrible fitting and boots not “wild land fire designed”.  I was able to hide it due to the team I joined was basically a paid emergency volunteer team.

However, it wasn’t long into my first fire shift before I realized that backpack I was wearing was miserable and my black army tanker boots were wearing holes in my skin because they are not designed for side hill hiking.

Its funny, but I can still vividly remember my very first fire shift.  The next 4 seasons or so are a blur these days, but that first shift is etched into my mind. It took me a few weeks to find a revolutionary backpack design, that moved the weight of the pack to your hips, instead of your shoulders.  It had pads where you needed them, and water bottles were you expected them.  I still have that pack, and will dust it off and post a picture of it soon.

Let it be said now… if you are doing any kind of distance hiking, and I am talking anything more then a Quarter Mile or less.  A badly packed backpack can turn a trip into the woods into a pain soaked trip to hiking hell.  Been there, done that, get the right gear for what you are doing.  Its worth it.

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