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Midland UHF Radio

Name: Midland UHF Radios
Rating: 4 Stars
Cost: $60.00
Durable/Disposable Semi Durable
Worse Feature: Non Programmable for UHF frequency’s
Best Feature: Weather broadcasts built in

We purchased our first pair Midland UHF radios a few months ago.  They were advertised with a range of up to 35 miles.   I will start this review by saying… SURE… between ships at sea in line of sight of each other.  Reality is these work for 2 miles in trees and up to 10 miles or so if one of you is on a mountain and the other is in a valley below.  The best range we have been able to confirm two way communication is a mountain location 300 ft above seal level broadcasting about 13 miles as the crow flies to peninsula location also elevated about 300 ft above the ocean.

Having said all that, they do exactly what you request of them, as long as your in range of each other.  You can turn on features that will make your converstation hidden from anyone else who is not using a midland radio.  You can turn on multi privacy codes, to blend into the radio traffic on any specific channel if your in the city and sharing channel capacity.

They have the built in weather channel alerts, so if you are camping and wondering what the national weather service is saying about your upcoming weather, you can check out the automated services.

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