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Quansheng TG-45AT VHF Radio

Name: Quansheng TG-45AT VHF Radio
Rating: 4 Stars
Cost: $65 dollars
Durable/Disposable Disposable
Worse Feature:
Best Feature:

The Quansheng VHF radio is a programmable radio with a max output of 5 watts.  It is one of the cheapest programmable VHF radios for sale currently. It has the ability to be programed for any frequency between 136-175 mhz. The 2 meter frequency are typically used by police, fire/rescue, and ham operators, however the FCC set aside 5 sets of frequency for duplex communications.  These are called the MURS channels.  These channels are open to anyone with a radio that complies with the FCC rules.  You do not need a ham license to own or operate this radio, as long as you use it in the MURS channels.  We also like it, because you can program in the police channels, and if you are hiking and get hurt, it can be easily switch to a channel that rescuers would be using or monitoring.  It can push out a signal over 5 miles away if the area is not over grown with trees.

While I was a bit skeptical about the radio, and lets be honest the source of the radio when I purchased it, I have to say now that its arrived, I am very happy with its quality and function.

Best Features:

Price, Size, Construction, usability.

Worse Features:

does not appear to be easily programmable with a computer.  Auto-squelch, and a keyboard that is not designed for patching into a repeater for telephone service.  While it makes a great emergency walkie talkie, it does not have the basic features a regular ham operater would expect in a hand held unit.

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