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Coleman Folding Shovel/Pick

Name: Coleman Folding Shovel/Pick
Rating: 3 Stars
Cost: $10 dollars
Durable/Disposable Semi Durable (lack of use?)
Worse Feature: Its so small, not sure what you would use it for
Best Feature: If you need to dig a quick trench in the dirt in camp for some reason…

When I was a firefighter, and management at that, we packed a tool based on the same design.  It was called the combo tool, and was very handy at attacking a small stubbern shrub when we were cutting hand line into the forest.  This design however is about as useful as a tit on a male.  Simple said, unless your camp as need of a very small trenching tool, with a handle so short you have to be bending over and up close anyway, I am not sure what it is useful for.

It is based on a the same kind of handle that assembles together and screws into the base of the head of the shovel.  The handles are intermixable with the camp ax, so you could put the two handles together to make a more useful tool.  In fact, it honestly takes more then that to make a handle worth discussing.

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