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Coleman Hiking Ax

Name: Coleman Hiking Ax
Rating: 4 Stars
Cost: $10
Durable/Disposable Durable
Worse Feature: Short Handle
Best Feature: Compact 3 piece design

The Coleman hiking Ax is a small ax that disassembles into a little pouch that can be put on your belt loop if you wanted it there.  It contains an ax head, and two handle pieces that screw into each other and the base of the ax.  This gives you a small steel handle with two rubber grips to hold onto when you are using it.

I would highly suggest if you buy one of these, to first take it out of its package and sharpen it before you return it to your kit.  It arrives in a condition I call painted dull.  That is, it has never had an edge on it, and they have applied a couple of layers of extremely thick black paint on the ax head making it duller then a butter knife.

In principal, this ax will do every you need.  It is strong enough to cut down a small tree, it can be sharped up enough to split up fire wood, and if you had to, it would make a great defensive weapon from a wild animal. It is light enough and small enough to be included in your day pack.

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