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Coleman 10k BTU Single Burner

Name: Coleman Matchlight Propane Stove
Rating: 5 Stars
Cost: $23.99 to $34.99
Durable/Disposable Durable
Worse Feature:
Best Feature:

10,000 BTU Single Burner Stove

The Coleman stove is the standard in camping stoves.  As a kid, I grew up in fishing camp with Dad and his trusty old Coleman two burner.  It used some kind of white gas back then.  Today, the standard stove is powered by the 16.4 oz green propane tank.  These units provide up to 10,000 btu of cooking heat in a very small contained package.

Features include:

Perfectflow Propane Pressure Control System

Large 8 inch bowl with built in support stucture to allow your pots or pans to be situated in a stable location.

10,000 BTU Burner, which is larger in output then other stoves that look nearly identical.

Adjustable Output from simmer to boil

Propane tank will last for up to 9 hours of cooking or simmering.

Wide stable base for the stove cylinder to rest in

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