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Wenzel Pinon 3

Name: Wenzel Pinon Backpacking Sport Dome Tent
Rating: 4 Stars
Cost: $35 dollars
Durable/Disposable Semi Durable
Worse Feature: They say its a 3 person tent.  Its built for two people.
Best Feature: Its cost is hard to beat.  In fact, its a deal at this price.

Our first tent we purchased off of Amazon.  We actually ordered two of these as part of a matched backpacking survival kit I put together for the wife and myself.  Each of these kits are kept in our cars.  We live in a wilderness area were extreme weather is the norm.  We live in what is called a “cold rain forest” on the Oregon coast.  Rain is typically 80 plus inches of rain per year.  A tent that keeps the rain out of your gear is a must.

Our Wenzel Pinon 3 person tent is 7′ x 7′.  While rated at 3 people, realistically at least 1 of these need to be child if not both.  We rate these tents as 2 person tents.  So one tent is for adults, and one is for kids, in our approach.


February 14: While weather has not allowed us to escape and setup the tent in the great outdoors, this tent has been setup and camped in our family room by my daughters.  It setups up quickly, and is definitely a value at first use.

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